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Christine Comaford

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Rules for Renegades #3 Advice Book on New York Times best seller list!!

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  • Scarlet Magazine's interview with Christine Comaford Lynch, tells it like it is. February 2008
  • Making Money Magazine covers Christine in an article titled A Life Less Ordinary. January 2008
  • Hot Brands and Cool Places writes "At last, a business book that is down to earth and easy to read !! If you are an entrepreneur you know that running a business isn’t in one neat and tidy box and your life is in another." November, 2007
  • Business Week writes "Rules for Renegades hits all four best seller lists!" October, 2007
  • Start Your Business Magazine Rules for Renegades is Editor's Choice October, 2007
  • Personal Success Magazine writes of Rules for Renegades "a runaway success story" October, 2007
  • The Washington Olympian writes "If you were given the choice of being a sheep, a drone, a weenie, a bully or a renegade, which would you be?" October, 2007
  • posts Rules for Renegades as #1 Best Selling book! September, 2007
  • USA Today places Rules for Renegades as it's #1 Business Book on best seller list. September 24, 2007
  • The London Sun covers Christine's ten steps to help boost your career while breaking all the rules. August, 2007
  • The Wall Street Journal posts Rules for Renegades as #2 business book--period! September, 2007
  • McGraw-Hill sends out press release on Rules for Renegades' best selling status! September, 2007
  • The London Sunday Times publishes a fabulous and fun review of Rules for Renegades. September 9, 2007
  • Publisher's Weekly gives Rules for Renegades a Starred Review. September, 2007
  • Director Magazine UK reviews Rules for Renegades in preparation for Christine's UK Conferences! September, 2007 (page 2)
  • USA Today prints fantastic review and summary of Rules for Renegades. August 27, 2007
  • Time Out New York's indecisive Dewey Selmon gets "Bossed Around" by Christine in this spirited and to-the-point article. August 8, 2007
  • More Magazine interviews with Christine and reviews Rules for Renegades. September, 2007
  • PINK Magazine says Rules for Renegades “offers honest guidance for building a great career”. Aug./Sept. 2007
  • Book List gives accolades to Rules for Renegades. August, 2007
  • Entrepreneur Magazine selects Rules for Renegades as one of the “10 Business Books To Read This Summer”! May 31, 2007
  • New York Post, "Instant Bonding", May 31, 2007
  • Daily Intelligencer, "Since U Been Making Him Money", May 31, 2007

More to come, stay tuned!