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Christine Comaford

Hot Off The Press Archive

Christine is named...
Christine is named non-fiction finalist in the Jessamyn West Creative Writing Contest for “Daddio’s Last Night.”

Christine is published...
Christine’s short story, “Shaking Hands with the Rich and Famous” is published in San Francisco Books and Travel.

Christine signs...
Christine signs with literary agent Levine Greenberg.

Christine interviewed for...
Christine interviewed for California Writer’s Club.

Christine provides...
Christine provides on-air insights and commentary for CNN-FORTUNE Magazine television special ,"The Top 25 Business Leaders." Christine also keynotes "Count Me In" conference in New York City, for women entrepreneurs.

Christine wins First Prize...
Christine wins First Prize for Non-Fiction in the Jessamyn West Creative Writing Contest for “Try Outs.”

Christine is quoted...
Christine is quoted in the New York Times Business Section about recruiting for small businesses.

Christine is a judge....
Christine is a judge for the business plan contest at Girls’ Middle School in Mountain View, California.

Christine is a judge...
Christine is a judge for the University of California -- Berkeley Haas School of Business annual business plan contest.

McGraw-Hill buys...
McGraw-Hill buys Christine's first book!

Christine is interviewed...
Christine is interviewed in Business Week Small Business about pricing strategies for small businesses.

Christine is interviewed...
Christine is interviewed in Inc. magazine about financing options for entrepreneurs.

Christine is interviewed...
Christine is interviewed in Bay Area Businesswomen about entrepreneurship.

Christine sounds off
Christine critiques the financing pitch of a startup named Sistahs of Harlem in Inc. magazine's Elevator Pitch column.

Christine's Small Biz column launches!
Christine’s first column is on capital acquisition. This is the first of a new, ongoing series of columns on financing and growing a small business. Check out’s Small Biz home page for future columns from Christine. Click Here Don’t Go It Alone: Create An Advisory Board
02-01-07: An inexpensive, effective way to propel your business forward is with the help of a board of advisers. Christine outlines the process for getting and keeping advisers on your team. Click Here Make Your Financing Pitch Sizzle
02-20-07: Christine's BusinessWeek column addresses key issues for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Click Here

Get It Made...
Chara Campanella, a writer with a background in both animation and reality TV, talks with independent animation producers about how they found funding so that you can turn your big idea into a reality. Read more on the specific advice that Christine Comaford offered to artistic people entering the unchartered minefield of financing. Click Here Show Me the Money, Part 1
In the first of a two-part series on funding your startup, Christine gives the lowdown on loans, equity investment and grants. Click Here

11 Lessons from a High School Drop Out Millionaire
Read "Edith's Lessons Learned" from Christine's Panel Discussion at a Women's Conference in Berkeley... Christine Comaford - once a high school drop-out, teenage runaway, Buddhist monk, lingerie model, geisha trainee, software engineer and hospice worker. I met Christine 2 weeks ago... Click Here

Mills College Selects
Announced today: Mills College selects "Rules for Renegades" as class text for Innovation in Business.

"Pedal to the Metal"
A personal interview with Christine Comaford by Cinda Daly. Christine has plenty to say about finding your inner-entrepreneur, applying some business basics, and turning your support center into a business-centric organization. Click Here

'The Secret': Unlocking Powers Within
AOL Coaches asked a few "law of attraction" experts and believers about their successes. Read how Christine uses the law of attraction in all major aspects of her life at home, at work and in love. Click Here Cutting The Fluff Out of Board Reporting
How to increase your influence and effectively manage your board of directors so it doesn't manage you. PLUS, Take Your Board's Temperature TIP SHEET. Click Here Rules for Raising Capital
01-22-07: Getting money isn't difficult, but getting the right money at the right time on the right terms is what matters. Here's how to do it. Click Here Tough Love for a Web Services Company
04-23-07: In this no-holds-barred critique of a startup's financing pitch, Christine offers this advice - stay focused and get advisors on board quickly. Click Here
Expanding a company is a process requiring constant change. One key quality for a leader is the ability to get back on track when something has gone awry. Click Here Tackle Your Stumbling Block
To raise your business to the next level, you need to determine what's holding it back then do what it takes to overcome adversity. Click Here

"Rules for Renegades" to be Featured
05-28-07: Rules for Renegades to be featured in's Best Business Books for Summer 2007.

New York Post - Page Six
05-30-07: INSTANT BONDING - Should Barbara Walters be turned into a children's toy? In her upcoming book, Rules for Renegades, former venture capitalist Christine Comaford writes about her surprise when she met the grand dame of "The View" at a party and... Click Here

New York Magazine - Daily Intelligencer
Since U Been Making Him Money - In her new book, former venture capitalist Christine Comaford compares Barbara Walters to a small action figure. Click Here

McGraw-Hill Education Europe
Rules For Renegades: How to Storm the Boardroom, Build Power, Harness Your Individuality, and Still Make Great Tea! by Christine Comaford - featured on the McGraw-Hill Education: Europe, Middle East & Africa website. Click Here

10 Biz Books to Read This Summer (USA) - Why this book stands out: Christine Comaford's reputation as a "renegade entrepreneur" is apt. From a romantic rendezvous with Bill Gates during her... Click Here

Renegade Networking Recommendations
Here is some of the best networking advice you can find. Click Here

Three Classic Financing Mistakes
Securing financing for your business means taking risks and making mistakes. Growth strategies are often fraught with mistakes and misfires. So what are some of the most common strategic errors I've seen fellow entrepreneurs make during my career as a serial entrepreneur, former venture capitalist, and angel investor? Click Here

Bossed Around
Time Out New Yorks' indecisive Dewey Selmon gets "Bossed Around" by Christine in this spirited and to-the-point article. August, 2007.

Self Confidence (Even if You're Faking It)
For a short-form interview, it covers a lot of ground, but it was one of her shorter answers that really grabbed me: Click Here

Accelerating the Law of Attraction
I have to give kudos to Christine Comaford. She is the person who introduced me to the ‘Appreciation Sob’ as a guest speaker on a Peak Potentials teleseminar. Click Here

Course Correcting for Growth
Expanding a company is a process requiring constant change. One key quality for a leader is the ability to get back on track when something has gone awry Click Here How to Beat Seller's Remorse
Thomas Karren founded Win-gateWeb in 1998, thinking it would be a side venture for vacation money. But to his delight, the Lindon (Utah) maker of Web-based event-planning software landed a big contract almost immediately, and he and his two co-founders quit their day jobs. Click Here

A Little Advice on Networking
Motivations are everything and is especially true in networking. I've found that many don't network for the following reasons/excuses: Click Here

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