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Christine Comaford

Programs and Speeches

Since 1990, Christine Comaford has guided over 100 small businesses and more than 700 of the Fortune 1000 in effecting proactive, intentional change. Technology, business, management — Christine works with all types of change which require an entrepreneurial mind-set. She knows the issues involved in entrepreneurship. Christine has founded five companies, all which either went public or were acquired at a profit. She has held board seats at over 20 companies in diverse industries. She has repeatedly identified and championed key trends and technologies years before market acceptance.

Christine offers a number of speeches geared to awaken people to their true potential. She emphasizes the importance of pursing success in both one’s business and personal life. To reinforce and support the success steps from her speeches, Christine offers on-site and conference-call consulting.

Rules for Renegades

Renegade entrepreneur—and runaway success story—Christine Comaford has lived the kind of life most of us only dream about. From model to monk to multi-millionaire, she has always gone after what she wanted—and achieved significant results. She’s won, lost, worked, played, and every step of the way, she’s written her own rules.
Now Christine is ready to tell her story. In an excerpt of her ten outrageous life lessons, she’ll show you how to make your dreams come true. Your way. Your rules.
Rules for Renegades is the distillation of what Christine has learned as she succeeded (and failed) in business, built strong relationships (and some disasters), and evolved spiritually and professionally. In this session Christine will show you just how exhilarating, creative, and kick-ass business can be by revealing the triumphs and train wrecks of her incredible life.

Ultimately, she’ll let you in on the greatest secret of all—how to build a fulfilling life while rocking your career. You’ll learn the surprising truth behind her most offbeat rules, including:

  • RULE: Everything’s an Illusion, So Pick One That’s Empowering.
  • RULE: Rock Rejection and Finesse Failure.
  • RULE: Learn to Love Networking.
  • RULE: Work Your Money Mojo.

The New Laws of Leadership

In today’s decentralized business world of remote staff, telecommuting, and contract workers, a new leadership approach is essential. Whether you’re a C-level executive, manager, or team member, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, you’re the leader of your life. You’ll leave this fast-paced, pragmatic program with the keys to the new leadership model. You’ll learn:

  • The 6 secrets to leadership in today’s world and workforce
  • Managed chaos: how Google and other market leaders encourage anarchy to increase  ownership
  • How to build a culture that everyone wants to be part of Motivational techniques to “course-correct” and keep your team on track
  • The 3 E’s of dealing with difficult people

Learn To Love Networking

Far too often, and for far too many people, networking is an uncomfortable social ritual. Most of us don’t do it well, and most of us don’t enjoy it, either. When done right, networking will not only be a career-enhancing experience, but will also build fulfilling personal connections. In this program you’ll learn the optimal techniques to increase your networking momentum via:

  • The magic of emotional equity, and how it will change your life
  • The 5 top schmoozing strategies, including the “Drive-By Schmooze”
  • The language of the handshake—and what yours says about you
  • How the rich and famous network—and what the results are
  • Real world outcomes of these networking techniques: invitations to the White House, interactions with billionaires, amazing favors granted

Rock Rejection and Finesse Failure

We’ve all experienced rejection and failure, but do you know how to optimize the outcome? Why just fail when you can fail forward? Adversity provides us with countless opportunities to develop a sense of humor, to conduct a (brief) post mortem, and to rock our rejections, finesse our failures, and make something positive out of them. This program is packed with fun and progressive ways to use our errors to our advantage. You’ll learn:

  • The 3 ways to turn rejection on its ear—and get something great out of it
  • The 5 ways to bounce back higher and harder from any failure
  • The internal and external causes of rejection and failure, and how to become immune to them
  • Why conflict is helpful, and how you can use it for personal and professional growth
  • How to embrace risk and value adversity

The Power Primer

As we go through life we learn about power—who has it and who doesn’t. Where does it start and stop? How do you exercise it with responsibility and compassion? How do you get it and grow it? In this program we’ll explore the different types of power and how to develop and apply them. You’ll leave this no-holds-barred session with a new take on what power means and how to use it via:

  • The most common power myths and mistakes
  • The 4 things that the most powerful people know—that they hope you won’t find out
  • How to develop supreme self-confidence
  • How to appropriately apply power in the workplace and in your personal life
  • Taking stock of your internal assets: you may have more power than you think
  • 3 sure-fire Power Boosters

Everything’s an Illusion, So Pick One That’s Empowering

What is reality? Are you sure? Every minute of every day at every stage of our lives we are creating illusions. These illusions can be positive and growth-inducing, or negative and destructive. Only when we recognize our propensity to do this can we create illusions that will benefit ourselves and our businesses. More now than ever before are companies and individuals becoming quick-change artists to better compete and innovate. In this program you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of choosing a new self-identity for you, your division, your company
  • The stages of designing and employing a new self-identity 
  • Examples of quick-change artistry in business and individuals
  • How to evict your inner critic
  • How to “Act it until you ARE it”

Relationship-Based Selling

Some people think sales is about moving product. It's not. Sales is about presenting the many benefits of a given offering and helping the prospect see why he needs to make the purchase. This program focuses on the key to smooth, successful, and yes, enjoyable sales relationships. And everyone, yes everyone, needs to know how to sell!

  • 3 ways to develop instant rapport
  • The 12 areas of connection, and how to capitalize on them in sales scenarios
  • 7 time-saving and sales-effective networking techniques
  • Upselling as a value-added service

Quota-Busters: How to Consistently Exceed Your Sales Quota

Do you want to revel in the game of sales instead of feel stymied by it?
Then this is the program for you. Come learn how to see a sales quota as a fun competitive game AND a tool for personal development. We'll cover ways to psych up your team and yourself.

  • The inner game of perseverance
  • 4 ways to "fail forward" and 3 ways to get re-energized after rejection
  • How to fill your pipeline with leads of higher quality
  • How to become your prospect's favorite sales person
  • Goal setting: a sure-fire, simple technique to make your goals a reality

Innovate and Execute!

Dreams and visions are a dime a dozen if you don't execute them.  That's where the rubber hits the road. Rapid innovation is key to competition in the global market place. And all too often, innovation lags in larger corporations. In this session we'll uncover the keys to consistent innovation and optimal execution.

  • The 4 styles of innovation, and what they mean to you
  • 6 innovation acceleration techniques
  • 3 ways to make visions into deliverables
  • Execution tips from the productivity masters
  • The optimal team size and structure for rapid innovation and execution

The Art of Valuing, Financing, and Selling Your Business

There’s no science here—the optimal way to value, finance, and sell your business takes experience, expertise, and most important of all, ACCESS. Access to the right information, access to the right partners, access to the right staff, access to the right financial sources, access to the most powerful influencers. Access separates the winners from the wannabes.

In this session 5-time successful startup CEO and 200-time startup financier Christine Comaford will teach you:

  • The 7 mistakes all entrepreneurs make—and how to avoid them
  • 4 sure-fire ways to get influential people to give you what you want
  • 5 ways to quintuple the value of your company—techniques that worked for Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Oracle,, Zip Realty, my companies, and many other rapid ramp-ups
  • 8 sources of financing, and how to get the best terms at the best time from the best financiers
  • 7 steps to an irresistible pitch that financiers, customers, press won’t be able to resist
  • What billionaires Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Andy Grove, Bruce McCaw taught me about power—and what that means for you

You’ll leave the session with specific “to do’s” for how to increase the value of your company, get financing on the best terms and from sources you want, and ideas for how and when to sell your company.

Engaged, Accountable, Inspired

We all want to be on a team where the members act like owners, take performance personally, and are high-energy and ready to rock. But how do we build, maintain, extend our dream team? In today’s bottom-line business world, results are what it’s all about. And consistent exceptional results require a dream team. In this program you’ll learn how to earn the most important credential you’ll ever need: your GSD (Get Stuff Done). You’ll leave this program with your own honorary GSD, and knowledge of:

  • The 10 steps to getting, and staying, super motivated
  • 5 easy ways to make accountability easy—and fun
  • The “Fab Four” and why you must use them
  • 3 ways to fast forward your career and personal goals
  • How to apply The Law of Attraction and why everyone’s so psyched about it

How to Create A Killer Business Plan

After reviewing thousands of business plans as a venture capitalist, Christine knows the key elements that deserve focus and can sight red flags in minutes. Whether you are launching a new company, an improved service or product, you’ll leave this speech with a practical “go forward” plan for success. Learn:

  • The 7 components every successful business plan must have
  • The 7 mistakes all entrepreneurs make—and how to avoid them
  • How to get people to give you what you want
  • How to build emotional equity

Five Ways to Fund Your Business

Attention all entrepreneurs: would you like to know the specific, sure fire ways to fund your startup? You’d be amazed at the possibilities, regardless of one’s education, past experience, even credit rating. Find out:

  • The proven ways your customers can fund your growth
  • The true cost of “free” government dollars
  • What solutions dilute your equity and entangle or possibly stunt growth
  • How new partners, employees and suppliers can gain a tangible stake in your success while adding to your cash flow

The Inner Entrepreneur: How To Think, Work, Thrive Like an Entrepreneur

This program is tailored to the needs of corporate clients who seek to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship within a worldwide multi-site organization. Discover the key attitudes and actions that result in embracing one’s “inner entrepreneur”. Practical, prescriptive tips include:

  • Ownership: how to foster it, show it, grow it
  • Innovation: how to start it, how to sustain it, when to ask permission,
    and when to ask for forgiveness.
  • Risk-shifting: shifting from a risk-averse to a risk-accepting culture
  • Superior client-service: how to make and keep ecstatic customers

Seven Lives, Seven Lessons

This entertaining speech is appropriate for all audiences: big or small business, non-profits, trade associations, kids and more. It’s perfect to follow meals or more serious sessions, when profound messages delivered in a light and entertaining way is requested. How did a runaway high school drop-out go from being an under-aged lingerie model to a: Buddhist monk, early Microsoft software engineer, geisha trainee, hospice volunteer, White House advisor, and finally self-made millionaire? Christine’s story is poignant, funny, and provides key life lessons. This wild ride through seven of Christine’s identities will captivate any crowd and leave them feeling more deeply connected to their own lives and their own potential lessons.


Christine provides consulting services for both small and big business :

Small Business:

  • CEO coaching
  • Product, service or company launch
  • Rapid sales ramp-up
  • Off-site brainstorming
  • Shaping advisory boards and boards of directors

Big Business:

  • Corporate Retreats
  • Board of Directors meetings
  • Off-site brainstorming
  • Innovation intensives and interventions

Please contact us for additional speeches and consulting offerings. Custom presentations and exercises can be designed to help you achieve your goals.