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Christine Comaford

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Submitted By: Seline Kepila


Your book was so fabulous! I laughed and had tears and couldn’t put it down. Books are not easy for me to be engaged in due to my full plate, but what a joy it was. Thanks for contributing your experiences and wisdom to the world!!!

Submitted By: Lili Fournier

Christine you are a tour de force! Your book is profound in its simplicity.
An absolute masterpiece. Very powerful. It's like a delicious morsel that you
want to gobble up in one fell swoop. Wishing you every success.

Submitted By: Dave Lakhani - Boise, ID

Rules for Renegades is an inspirational story by someone who despite the odds made it and made it big and who is a woman to boot. I'm not saying women can't be successful, but it is great to see a book from a woman who has made her own way.

Christine Comaford does a phenomenal job of describing her own rise from high school drop out to entrepreneur who made her first million dollars solving a simple problem for Microsoft and millions more after.

This book does a great job of not just being a story that motivates you to get started (it does that well) but also giving very specific action steps you can take to start and thrive by creating the business of your dreams despite your odds.

One of the big ideas I took away from this book was that you get to choose your reality. You can choose to stay in a job you don't love or you can choose Entrepreneurship.

This book will not only inspire you but get you to do something almost no other book can, take action in simple, easy to follow steps.

This is a must read for any would be Entrepreneur and especially for Entrepreneurs who have hit a decision point and are unsure what to do next.

The Rules For Renegades are rules to live and profit by.

Submitted By: R. Barber - Santa Cruz, CA

Whether you are a pawn, rook, or Queen in this game known as "the world of work", this book offers insights and information you just can't beat. Christine knows how to tell a story that is at once entertaining and informative. She cuts to the chase and offers the reader information that truly makes a difference. I absolutely love her style and know you will, too.

Submitted By: Michael Young - Dallas, TX

I picked up Christine Comaford's book last night and just finished it. Why do I say that it is three books in one? Because it is part autobiographical, part self-help, and part biz how-to. Quite frankly, I doubt there's little I'd agree upon with the author when it comes to politics or religion but that's not the point. In telling her story, she weaves in major events in her life that involve both. The biz how-to sections contain practical advice from the school of hard knocks. What impressed me the most about the book was the self-help aspects because she focuses on getting your inner game right to succeed in life and business. And if you dislike every single page except the last two quoting Mother Teresa, the book deserves a five star rating for that quote alone. Memorize it. Apply it. Make a difference.

Submitted By: L.M. Robinson - New Zealand

This is a really good read, funny and light, a great look into how Christine made her life work for her, ups and downs, She was in the right place at the right time and made the most of it! I have already passed this book on as it would be a shame to leave it on the book shelf - needs to be read :-)

Submitted By: J. McCarter - Newport Beach, CA

The book is instructive and engaging. The writing is so authentic and fast paced that I finished it on a flight from Chicago to LA with time to spare. Christine Comaford shares what it was REALLY like to face down and conquer the challenges of growing a company and growing as a leader. Rules for Renegades contains so many powerful lessons, clear illustrations and effective tools, that we have purchased a copy for every member of our management team and our sales force. In fact, I just gave my copy to my wife who is looking at starting her own company. If you need a fast read with real world examples of leadership, teamwork and innovation, I highly recommend Rules for Renegades.

Submitted By: Gail Kingsbury

When I got this book and started to read it I could not put it down! The author's style of explaing amazing life experiences to current business life and operations was exceptional. I laughed, cried and most of all learned a ton! She added cool free resources for every chapter. Ways to utilize the infomation in your own business right now. Everyone considering starting their own business or who already owns one NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK right away!

Submitted By: Debra Condren

Christine has lived one idiosyncratic, gutsy, multi-faceted, and wildly successful life. Rules for Renegades is a rich parade of action-packed, thought-provoking, and instructive tales of how she believed in herself--no matter what--and followed her keen instincts and learn-it-on-the-fly wisdom to achieve the sorts of goals that most people would deem impossible. Christine's story inspires and fires us up. She is a one-of-a-kind role model teaching that indefatigable self-confidence, tenacity, brains, creativity, a sense of humor, street smarts, leaps of faith--and good, old fashioned chutzpah--is one surefire formula for making the contribution you were born to make. Christine rocks. ~ Dr. Debra Condren, author of amBITCHous, a woman's guide to reclaiming ambition as a virtue, not a dirty word; amBITCHous: (def.) A Woman Who: 1. Makes more money 2. has more power 3. gets the recognition she deserves 4. has the determination to go after her dreams and; founder of the Women's Business Alliance.

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